Download presentations from the 1997 Distributor Meeting in Mougins

The presentations here are prepared with Microsoft PowerPoint 95, and are compressed to self extracting archives using LHarc.

Most of the presentations have notes, and the notes are intended to assist our distributors in making these presentations internally for their sales and support people and externally for our customers.

These presentations can be downloaded by our distributors only.

Presentation descriptions:

File glupdate.exe
In this presentation we will look at the latest release of Glink, and the first to provide a native 32-bit version.
File hlupd50.exe
In this presentation we will look at Host Links update Release 5.0
File gmail50.exe
The 5.0 release of Gmail was made (almost) as planned at the beginning of 1997 and made Gmail available as a native 32 bit application for the Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms.
Also as planned we were able to introduce some new functionality that was added to the 16 bit demo version before we started the 32 bit development effort. That functionality is now standard.
Surprisingly (!), despite the 32 bit effort we were also able to add some new functionality that was not planned when we had the distributor meeting last year.
File glapirun.exe
This presentation will describe the differences between the actual GlAPI Software Development Kit and the GlAPI run-time packages.
File gmailnt.exe
In Gmail release 5.0 we announced the complete range of Gmail servers and gateways for the Windows NT platform.
The Windows NT versions are 100% compatible with the UNIX servers, and may be intermixed, even within the same Gmail post office, sharing the post office structure on a shared file system.
File crypt.exe
In this presentation we will look at how wil can make Gmail secure with 3rd party encryption software
File gmvirus.exe
In this presentation we will look at how easy virus checking of electronic mail can be
File gsmtp.exe
In this presentation we will review the new Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail server. This server is a G&R implementation of RFC821 - which defines how e-mail can be exchanged between servers on the Internet - and RFC1939 (POP3) - which defines the Post Office Protocol for retrieving messages from a maildrop.
File gweb.exe
In this presentation we will show how we can open up Host Links to the World Wide Web
File y2000.exe
In this presentation we will show how all G&R products are year 2000 compliant

Why did we use the PowerPoint 95 format for the slides?

Simple: The quality of the graphics in PowerPoint 95 is much better than in the previous PowerPoint version 4.0.

For those of you who do not yet have acquired PowerPoint 95, both a 32-bit viewer (for use on Windows 95 or Windows NT) and a 16-bit viewer (for use on Windows 3.x) can be downloaded.

Actually, the presentations are created in PowerPoint 97 and the downloadable versions above are created by exporting these slides to PowerPoint 95. Please gar(at)gar(dot)nocontact us if you need the slides in th original format!

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